Good Friday Dinner just happened to be meatless.  I did not plan it to highlight bounty of the sea, but Costco had a seafood road show so that is how it turned out.  I got some halibut filets as well as some with the bone in for use at a later date.  To accompany that, I picked up 4 colossal scallops and some really nice looking shrimps.  I blackened the halibut with cast iron on the egg and the scallops were not far behind.  The shrimps were marinated in a vinegar dressing.  I had an onion which was about to get tossed and for some reason decided to stuff the onion teepees with the shrimp and put them on a skewer.  They looked like a dog collar from an animal who had just gotten back from the Vet.  What an amazing little treat that turned out to be.  I also blanched off some carrots, and slow poached them in butter & dill before charring them on the egg for additional color, texture, and flavor.  In hindsight…  my cast iron skillet was way too cool for what I was trying to do, so I did not get proper doneness or texture on the scallops or halibut.  It is a good thing that the shrimps were there to save the day.