This was a fun one!  Some interesting-looking bell peppers ended up in the veggie drawer, and I was told their alien looks were reminiscent of heirloom tomatoes I have grown.  I have never made stuffed peppers before and was quite happy with the outcome.  In addition, I roasted of a couple of Anaheim peppers and sweated them to get the skins off.  On a play off of bacon wrapped jalapenos, I stuffed the Anaheims with various cheeses, spices, and a chorizo-like ground sausage.  A serious peeve of mine is when food is wrapped in bacon and the bacon is a soggy, undercooked mess.  When I noticed the doneness of my bacon left a lot to be desired, I got the idea to hit it with the blow torch, crisping it up.  It worked well, but is still a a method in progress.