Colorado Bulldog.  Breakfast football beverage of champions.

Colorado Bulldog.  Breakfast football beverage of champions.

Dixon Melon Daiquiris 

I picked up a couple Dixon Melons at the Missoula Sunday Farmers market and wanted to make a delicious end of summer beverage.  I got a Honey O (Cantaloupe/ Honeydew), and a Tropical Sinful melon after tasting samples of each on the back of the melon truck.  

These melons are only around once a year and once they are gone, you are out of luck.  This is how I made the Daiquiris:

Cut the melons in half and scrape the seeds.  With a melon baller, Extract melon balls for the garnish.  Try to make the melon balls as round as possible.  After you get enough sweet orbs to garnish your drinks, take a spoon and scrape out the remaining fruit from the melon and put it in your blender and add the following:

  1. One can frozen lime aid concentrate
  2. Equal amount rum (optional)
  3. Fill blender remaining 2/3 with Ice

I like to pour the rum into the lime aid concentrate can for measuring and also to rinse out  any leftover flavor.  Cover and blend on a high setting for close to 90 seconds or until all the melon is pureed and the ice becomes smooth, to your liking.  Take a bamboo skewer and make a melon kabob garnish with the melon balls.  The garnish is as dramatic as the hints of melon flavor.

Blueberry Buck

A spin off of the Moscow Mule made with bourbon and blueberries, thyme syrup and fever tree ginger beer.