I was given a recipe for asparagus tart and have had it on the brain for quite some time. I have never baked on my Big Green Egg and since I had fired it up for cooking steaks, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I could get the pastry to puff.  I pre-baked the tart shell at about 400 for 15 min.  Some of the crusty exterior got charred, but much to my surprise, it came out beautifully.  I slathered a local honey mustard on the crust and painted a small amount of cinnamon, sugar, and cream slurry that I had, left over from the dessert course.  The asparagus was charred on the grill and placed on the tart over a generous layer of gruyere cheese.  It was topped with parmesan wedges cut with the carrot peeler and fresh cracked black pepper.  

My portabella mushroom sauce starts with sweet onion and shallot sweated down in butter, salt, & cracked black pepper.  Once translucent, I remove and add more butter & olive oil to the warm pan.  I cook the mushrooms at a high heat, tossing vigorously for the first 2-3 min to encourage caramelization.  After adding salt & pepper to the mushrooms, I will reduce the heat slightly and hit the pan with some minced garlic.  Bring the onion & shallots back to the skillet and let them all begin to feel comfortable with each other over low heat for about 2-3 more min.  When the pan cools enough that I feel I am not in danger of an award winning flambe, I de-glaze with a Canadian whiskey.  I prefer Pendleton whiskey but it doesn’t usually last long in my pantry.  I add about a shot to a shot and a half of the whiskey and follow that with less than a cup of half and half.  The Pendleton brings an amazing vanilla flavor to the dish which I can only guess comes from the barrels it is conditioned in.  I was fortunate to have both elk & grass fed beef ribeye steaks which I slathered in the honey mustard and spritzed with Montreal seasoning.  They seared at 550 and I pulled the ribeye @ 135 degrees.  It spiked to 141 while resting.  While I let the steaks calm down and hold on to their juices, the tart went back on the Big Green Egg long enough for the cheese to melt and pick up additional smoky flavors.