My foodie penal package was waiting for me when I arrived home from a business trip yesterday.  It was a sight for sore eyes as the 350 mile trip home was pretty un-eventful for 4th of July travel.  I was so excited to see the ingredients were tailored toward my penchant for grilling and it seemed fitting to make some kebabs at once with some of the gifts.  My pen pal Elizabeth tells me that in North Carolina, there is a heated debate between which regional flavor profile is more appealing for southern BBQ.  Vinegar based, or Tomato based.  She sent me a couple rubs, a nice sauce, and a few local treats.  I was so excited to try the rubs, I didn’t even really read what they were.  The lighter color one smelled like it would be wonderful on the veggies and chicken, and the darker one on the beef and elk kabobs.  I guessed correctly, and it made for a wonderful 4th of July meal.  Unfortunately, there were some before and during pictures, but not much in the way of after photos because we could not wait to dig in.  Cant wait to uses these spices and sauces again.  Maybe again tonight!