Lemongrass Thai Food, Billings, Montana  

If you don’t already know where this place is, good luck finding it.  I have been doing business on King Ave for close to 20 years and had no idea it existed.  Granted, it is in a new little strip mall so I don’t actually know how old it is.  But that is in the past.  It has been discovered.  It’s review on Yelp caught my eye.  I ordered the Thai spring roll App, and Mu Tod Pad Gra Tiam Prik Thai for an entree.  The spring rolls were simple, not a lot of pizzazz.  I will try the fresh spring rolls next time.  The entree dish was something else.  on the menu it reads “Stir fired pork with onion, garlic sauce, and black pepper”.  Shrimp is an extra $ 2.00.  I got the pork and asked to add the shrimp just for the heck of it.  The depth and diversity of the flavors among it’s simplicity was insane.  So simple and wonderful at the same time.  The shrimp was not rubbery, overcooked, overly fragrant (aka cheap quality), or mealy.  They were done perfectly.  The pork had a nice sear on it yet was tender and juicy.  Other than heading home, it is my new favorite thing about Billings.